Back by popular demand, businesses in Scotland are offered cashback for
investment in projects to help cut their energy use and cost.

For a limited time, while funds last, eligible small businesses applying for the interest-free, unsecured Scottish Government SME Loan can receive 15% cashback.
That’s up to £10,000 in cashback on completion of their energy efficiency improvements.

The SME Loan 15% Cashback incentive is open to applications from SMEs with resource efficiency projects that demonstrate cost and carbon savings. These include, but are not limited to:
• investing in LED lighting
• installing more efficient heating systems
• improving the insulation of a building or investing in more energy efficient equipment,such as a state of the art oven or a more efficient refrigeration unit

Eligible applicants will receive a dedicated Resource Efficient Scotland advisor to guide them through the process at no cost, helping them identify efficiency improvements with the greatest benefit to the bottom line.

To find out more about the SME Loan 15% Cashback incentive click here.

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