Sensei has announced the launch of their new eLearning platform, designed to transform employee engagement in training and development for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Investment in your workforce is critical to stay competitive in today's ever-changing business landscape but research suggests SMEs’ don’t know where to start or how to keep their staff engaged. That's why Sensei have created a new platform aimed at making engagement in learning more accessible across a range of technical and personal skills.

Learning content is broken down into manageable bite-sized chunks, intended to deliver information in the most efficient way while providing leaders with the tools required to engage learners effectively. With inbuilt tracking and reporting tools, SMEs can track their development and respond to real-time training needs in line with personal development goals. Furthermore, investing in training and development can lead to increased job satisfaction by feeling supported and empowered, while helping future leaders upskill and develop.

Sensei’s Founder and Managing Director, Russell Groves said "We're very excited to provide SMEs with an innovative platform that will transform their approach to learning and development.”

He added, “Our new platform is designed to help businesses improve engagement with training while meeting their immediate development goals. This helps cultivate a motivated and agile workforce, ultimately leading to a culture of growth and greater profitability"

Click here to try out Sense’s new platform today.

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