The Lochside Academy services (21A, 22A and 22B) that ensure safe transportation to school for pupils in Cove, Tory and Balnagask will continue running thanks to Stagecoach Bluebird, following the recent decision by Aberdeen City Council to withdraw funding for the service due to budget cuts.

School bus services are valuable to local communities and Stagecoach intend to engage with parents, pupils and school representatives in the coming weeks to address any concerns and to discuss the future of these services.

From April 17, the services will run on a commercial basis, with no additional funding from Aberdeen City Council. This decision will mean no interruption to services and all three routes will operate to their current timetable when the school term resumes on Monday, April 17. All pupils are entitled to travel for free, using their Under 22 free bus travel card. This card allows free bus travel across Scotland, and applications can be made at

In recent months there has been an unfortunate increase in anti-social behaviour and vandalism incidents on Lochside Academy services. As well as causing costly damage to vehicles, this behaviour by a minority of pupils can be safety risk to other passengers and staff. Stagecoach will continue to work with Aberdeen City Council, school leadership and Police Scotland regarding these issues.

Daniel Laird, Commercial Director at Stagecoach Bluebird, says:

“We recognise the value of these school bus services to the local community, as well as the negative impact that would be experienced if they were to be withdrawn. We are pleased that we have been able to find a way to continue operating the services, but we need the support of the local community in order to make sure they are sustainable in the long term. In particular, we would ask parents to ensure their young people have their Under 22 bus pass and are informed of the importance of safe behaviour when travelling on the bus ”.

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