Teamwork pays off in business

A director of one of the UK’s largest independent corporate team building providers, Team Challenge Company, last week shared his experiences of a ten-day trek across the Arctic to business leaders at an Aberdeen conference.

The aim of the day was to bring to life the importance of team work. Stephen Hazley co-hosted the breakfast event ‘Teamwork in Tough Times’ with Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce at the Thistle Airport Hotel, Aberdeen on Friday, July 3. He discussed the perils that he and co-director Gerard Crowley underwent while successfully completing the 120km trek, enduring temperatures of minus 30, snow storms and ice quakes.

Stephen brought to life the lessons learned about the value of teamwork, which he and Gerard experienced first-hand during the pair’s journey across one of the harshest environments on earth, to over 60 delegates from a variety of industries.

To further underline the value of teamwork to businesses, the delegates undertook a series of interactive challenges. Attendees were one of the first in the country to use the new ‘Go Team’ team building treasure hunting app which Team Challenge Company have exclusively licensed for Scotland.

Go Team’s pioneering software uses GPS and QR codes to set up a series of missions that teams need to work together to complete, and vie against other teams. Cryptic clues and picture hints are given as teams reach mystery destinations to solve puzzles.

Some of the activities teams took part in included wacky balloon modelling, juggling, selfie competitions, and creating a series of words with their bodies all while solving the challenges presented on the Go Team app.

Twitter feeds from the delegates began filling up with photos and positive comments throughout the morning as the teams successfully negotiated the app.

Reflecting on the Arctic challenge and the lessons he took from it, Stephen said:

“Gerard and I faced some of the most physically and mentally challenging experiences of our lives during the trek. It was then when the importance of preparation, team work and a sense of humour really paid off.

“These examples will hopefully help businesses understand the benefits of team working, while the Go Team app allows us to make it as fun as possible.”

Liam Smyth, membership director at the Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce explained that the delegates learned much from Stephen’s experiences and were enthusiastic about the team building exercise. He said: “The feedback from our delegates has been very positive. The Go Team app proved to be very popular, and the exercises everyone took part in were simple but fun evidencing why team building is so important to help facilitate communication skills, promote creativity and motivate employees.

“What Stephen faced during his trek and how they overcame their challenges proved to be an effective example for those attending the event and there was much for the delegates to take back and implement in to their own business strategies.”

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