TigerLive is fast becoming the energy industry's go to radio

One week of live broadcast and TigerLive is fast becoming the industry platform for Energy news, views and great music.

The only UK based live energy specific radio channel broadcast for the first time a week ago and already a global audience in the thousand’s are tuning in.

TigerLive chief, Spencer Buchan, commented: "I always believed a community style radio platform specifically aimed at the Energy sector would work.

"The sector and the challenges currently being faced have further pulled this community together and we are extremely satisfied that our new listening community finally have a sound they can call their own, sharing content and expo is our 24x7 broadcast."

TigerLive is now looking to include a number of industry workers to profile what they do in their jobs across the Energy Sector.

Recorded interviews will take place profiling individuals from all levels and roles across the industry.

If you want your company, your staff or your organisation featured on TigerLive drop an email to:

Tigerlive@immediaplc.com for further information and to book your interview.

Visit: www.tigerlive.co.uk for more information on the station.

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