The UK will be reliant on gas for up to two-thirds of its electricity this weekend as global policymakers at COP28 are reminded of the importance of fossil fuels.

Freezing temperatures, resulting in a cold snap across the country, has seen demand soar, while outputs from windfarms have plunged.

The Chief Executive of Nation Gas says he expects demand from gas-fired power stations to be "maxed out" from today and throughout the weekend.

Jon Butterworth says: “It’s really important they recognise that although we’ve got to decarbonize, energy security is also vital. And when you’re in a world of interruptible renewable energy, our security is massively important.

"The more we build up our reliance on wind and solar power, which can be disrupted by the weather, the worse the risk becomes."

Consumers paid to not use energy

For the second time this week some consumers will be paid to not use energy during peak times on Friday evening.

The National Grid says people will be paid to reduce their usage between 4.30PM and 6PM on Friday in order to preserve power, after calling for the same measures on Wednesday.

The country is also expected to import electricity from other European countries to help deal with demand, despite already generating £2b worth of import bills this year.

Sunak tells China to step-up on climate change

Ahead of arriving to COP28, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has warned China must do more on climate change.

Sunak will meet with other world leader at the global summit in Dubai, where countries will take a “long, hard look in the mirror” as to whether they were delivering on their promises.

A spokesman for the PM said: “There is some significant action that must take place to keep 1.5 alive [the commitment to limit global warming to 1.5C] . He understands the challenges.

"All countries, and that includes China which is obviously vitally important, have to take action. We need to see not just commitments but real world demonstration of action as we have done, to make sure that this progress continues."

Forests, climate finance and energy transition and expected to be the three areas that Mr Sunak focusses on.

His spokesman added: “That includes new support for endangered tropical rainforests, efforts to leverage the UK’s role as a global centre for green finance and ambitious new projects to support the global transition to clean energy".

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