Unique on-call counselling service launched

Response Consultants has launched a unique on-call counselling service which can be called upon during and after emergencies. The service is geared towards the oil and gas industry, but could be utilised by the renewables, manufacturing, transport, and any industry where a death, serious illness/injury or trauma could occur in the workplace.

Through a network of counsellors created by Response Consultants, and the Company’s team of Duty Managers, one or more counsellors can be mobilised to a number of locations within a certain timeframe. This will include offshore locations once Covid-19 exclusions allow for the necessary BOSIET training to take place.

The counsellors are all trained and experienced in grief and trauma therapy, and have a variety of backgrounds and methods, including person centred, cognitive behavioural and human givens therapies. Whilst the country remains in lockdown and social distancing restrictions are in place, the counsellors have all adopted online and telephone counselling practices to ensure they can continue to take care of the mental health of their clients.

Whilst not initially a part of the service, Managing Director Claire Forbes stated “we’ll make the service available for non-emergencies too as we know how stretched the NHS is, and how long people can wait for referrals within the mental health system. It’s a good way to expand the service and the right way to start.”

The service is now ‘live’ and companies can subscribe by contacting Response Consultants for more details.

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