Residents and landowners in Aberdeen were today asked to ensure vegetation from their gardens, patios and paths does not encroach on public pavements or roads.

Excessive amounts of greenery or overhanging trees can be a danger to pavement or road users and residents who let it grow can be asked to cut it back.

Communities, Housing and Infrastructure Committee Convener Councillor Neil Cooney said: “With the warmer weather finally arriving now, vegetation will be growing rapidly so we’d like to ask householders and landowners to keep an eye on what’s growing on their land.”

Vegetation on roads and verges should be cut back to allow a clear passage of 6 metres (16’6’’) for vehicles and ideally this clearance should be maintained over the verge width.

For paths, it should be cut back to allow a clear passage of 2.4 metres (8’) for pedestrians, and this should be maintained over the full width of the footway except where it joins the carriageway where the clearance should be 6 metres (16’6’’) minimum for the first 0.5 meters (1’6’’) adjacent to the carriageway.

It should be noted vegetation will drop in height, when it comes into leaf if cut during the winter, and also during times of heavy rain and snow. This should be taken into account when deciding how much to cut back.

Work should be carried out in a safe and considerate manner on the footway and if the operation is likely to encroach onto the carriageway then the advice can be sought from Aberdeen City Council’s area roads inspector.

Anyone with queries can contact the area roads inspector on 08456 080919.

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