Chamber members Verdant Design Ltd, the North-east’s only biophilic interior design company, will be celebrating in style the completion of their most recent commercial project at the relaunch party for Riksha Indian Streetfood this coming Tuesday (August 3), The company undertook a complete reimagining of a total area of 38sqm for the family ran Indian restaurant based in Union Square Aberdeen. The stunning transformation of the property, which includes the outside eating area, top exterior banner, exterior company logo wall, interior entrance walls, bar area, interior dining space wall and framing of the open kitchen area, was accomplished using Verdant’s unique offering of preserved moss and plants design solutions.

Speaking of the project, Verdant’s founder and creative designer, Laura Vatavu, had the following comments:

“We were pleasantly surprised to be commissioned for this project, and couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out. With the challenges businesses have faced over the last 12 months, and the hospitality sector especially, it’s great to see a company believing in its offering and investing in its future by creating a wonderful, unique atmosphere for their customers to enjoy.”

“We completed the initial stage – the exterior dining area walls, top banner area and company logo wall by the agreed deadline, despite the challenges faced due to the on going pandemic. Unfortunately, the continuation of restrictions had sadly delayed people’s chances to see this wonderful artwork in person. However, the extended timeframe did allow us to put the final touches to the project; including the interior bar and kitchen walls, 16 Kokadamas, (spherical, hanging moss balls inspired by Japanese Kokadamas that have a similar aesthetic and function to hanging plant pots in the West) and a stunning, large framed art piece for the interior rear dining area, consisting of three 5ft x 3ft framed designs, that form a wonderful whole image. A piece which we lovingly refer to as “The Spice Road” in honour of the chilli used to give the unique colour to the locally sourced wood slices that form the ‘path element’ and main body of the artwork.”

“For anyone interesting in seeing what biophilia is all about, I would strongly recommend, now restrictions are eased, to go see this installation for yourself. Photos and video can give an idea of the impact this design element brings to a space; but, with the designs being made from real plants and natural elements, the best way to experience this is for real and in person.“

“Our designs are made from a variety of real moss, ferns and plants, sustainably sourced and preserved in their prime, to keep their intricate, natural beauty on display for many years. We are incredibly proud to be bringing this design element to Aberdeen, as a whole, as well as to this client specifically.”

“With Aberdeen looking to reposition itself as a leading Green Energy City, Biophilia offers a great visual addition to Aberdeen’s presentation of itself. As we often say about our designs”

“It’s about so much more than signage, it sends a message”

“While this project was linked to the hospitality sector, we are also keen to engage with any companies in the region who are looking to make a statement about their green credentials. Especially as offices reopen and face-to-face meetings once again become the prime driving force for business. Our materials also lend themselves very well to augmenting your company logo, with Riksha’s logo wall being a great example of incorporating a selection of different mosses around a company’s existing signage. Beyond this, the designs are well suited for office environments; the preserved moss being fire resistant with a Class A material rating (ASTM-E 84) and giving excellent sound insulation across a wide frequency range; providing both a perfect sound absorption average (SAA) and noise reduction co-efficient (NRC) of 100%”

Speaking on the installation, Riksha owner Anis Ahmed, had the following to add

“I’m very pleased to say, thanks to Verdant Design, a trip to Riksha, is now a treat for all the senses, not just the taste buds!”

For more information and detail on the services Verdant Design offer, including framed designs and moss walls installed in-situ, please follow their Facebook @verdantdecor and LinkedIn pages or contact the team directly at for a free consultation and quotation.

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