Operators today are more likely to encounter challenging well environments than routine ones. Designed and engineered by Weatherford for critical environments, the IntegraLine high-performance liner system provides maximum reliability in critical applications such as ultra deepwater, extended-reach, and sour-gas wells with high pressures and temperatures.

The IntegraLine liner system is comprised of three premium components: the polished bore receptacle, liner-top packer, and rotational hanger. The packer features swage sealing technology that forms an anti-extrusion, gas-tight barrier between the outer diameter of the packer body and the inner diameter of the host casing. This configuration reduces equipment failures that may threaten well integrity, allowing clients to achieve total depth efficiently while withstanding harsh conditions. Alternative components are also available to create a fit-for-purpose liner-hanger solution for specific, complex applications.

“Mitigating risks through the use of reliable technology is crucial to any operation,” said Brent Emerson, Vice President of Well Construction at Weatherford. “We are here to do that for critical wells. Our new IntegraLine system is another step in our continued technology evolution to provide premium solutions to our clients. We offer a comprehensive service from application engineering to the successful installation of liner systems that will ensure well integrity.”

In a gas and condensate well in Alberta, Canada, the IntegraLine liner system with SwageSet packer established a gas-tight seal that enabled fracturing through the liner. Stimulation pressures reached 8,288 psi (57,144 MPa), and the system maintained zero pressure losses throughout the frac application.

For more information about the IntegraLine system, visit http://www.weatherford.com/integraline.

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