Willbox containers add 10 new eco-friendly welfare units to their fleet for immediate rental availability. Perfect for winter projects, work sites and construction projects, these units redefine on-site comfort, setting a new standard for sustainability and efficiency. These eco-friendly units are equipped with solar power and energy-efficient LED lighting, not only reducing your environmental impact but also providing reliable illumination. They come in two different sizes, capable of sheltering up to 6 or 10 people, catering to projects of various sizes.

Our welfare units go beyond the basics, ensuring comprehensive comfort and functionality. Each unit features a heated kitchen with warm running water. The inclusion of a toilet, back-up generator, and USB charging points adds unparalleled convenience to your outdoor worksite. Opt for our larger unit, and you'll even get a built-in office, offering a dedicated space for administrative tasks right on-site.

Freshly delivered from the factory, our brand-new welfare units are in pristine condition, ready to enhance the well-being and productivity of your team. As winter approaches, the resilience of our units becomes even more apparent. Designed to withstand the challenges of harsh weather conditions, Willbox welfare units are the perfect solution for outdoor sites and construction projects during the colder months.

Elevate your team's experience with Willbox welfare units—comfortable, eco-friendly, and equipped with innovative features to meet the demands of modern worksites. Contact Willbox today to secure your rental. Reach out to the dedicated hire team on 0800 023 5060. To discuss locally how Willbox container sales, hire and custom conversion can help you just reach out to Matthew Pirie, Regional Manager for Scotland on email matthew@willbox.co.uk.

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