Wood has secured a multimillion-dollar construction contract from IR1 Group LLC, which is building the Red Rock Biofuels facility in Lakeview, Oregon. Wood is contracted to provide construction and mechanical services.

The facility will convert waste woody biomass into renewable jet, diesel and gasoline blendstock fuels. The construction of the Lakeview facility is expected to take approximately two years.

Upon completion, the biofuel facility will convert over 136,000 tons of waste woody biomass into 15.1 million gallons of renewable fuels each year. The design will incorporate three technologies – gasification, Fischer-Tropsch and hydroprocessing - which will yield ASTM-approved fuels.

“Wood is thrilled to partner with IR1 Group LLC to provide construction services for this important renewable fuel project,” said Andrew Stewart, CEO of Wood’s Asset Solutions Americas business. “A lower carbon fuel market in the US and Canada is something we are proud to be supporting, and this new facility will make real strides in leading the production of renewable, low-carbon fuels.”

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