Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE), an award-winning Aberdeen food charity and social enterprise are bringing back their annual fundraising challenge, Appetite for Change, in October 2020.

CFINE is recruiting participants who will brave to live on £2 a day for five days, between October 5-9, and raise funds through sponsorship to help the charity alleviate the constant pressure that many people in the northeast of Scotland are experiencing.

Participants will live on £2 to cover all their daily food and drinks each day. The small daily budget will be a real challenge, as it is for many people living on low income trying to make ends meet.

The demand for CFINE’s emergency support services grew three-fold during the pandemic, indicating an increasing level of food insecurity in Aberdeen. The charity delivers over 1,500 emergency food parcels weekly to people facing hardship.

Lisa Duthie, chief executive at CFINE, said: “The coronavirus outbreak turned all our lives upside-down; however, it disproportionately affected those who were already struggling before the pandemic. Hundreds of families found themselves in a position where they cannot afford to purchase adequate food; parents often go without to feed their children.

“The need for CFINE’s support services is now greater than ever. The participants of our challenge, Appetite for Change, will help us highlight the struggles of people who were hit the hardest by CV-19 and raise vital funds, which will go directly towards alleviating poverty in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

“Please consider signing up to our challenge or supporting one of our fundraisers. Together, we can make sure no one needs to go hungry.”

A beneficiary of CFINE’s services told the charity about his experience of living in food insecurity and said:

“Hunger is the shame of not being able to feed myself, an emptiness I cannot fill. I live my life in the constant worry of survival, always searching for my next meal.”

Help CFINE maintain its emergency support services and tackle food poverty by signing up to the challenge or donating to one of the fundraisers.

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