A solution architect from SAP® specialists Absoft has won an international competition to design an intuitive and user friendly mobile app for customer service departments.

Björn Harzer’s sales and distribution solution for triumphed over more than 1,500 competition submissions during a “Build your own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud” design course.

SAP Fiori provides a great user experience (UX) for SAP software. It comprises hundreds of intuitive apps as well as a set of user experience design guidelines.

With more than 20,000 enrolments in the online openSAP course, participants were provided with a holistic approach to Fiori app design principles. Applying this knowledge, participants were then given the opportunity to apply Fiori tools, methodologies and guidelines to make their own apps in a global design and build challenge.

Mr Harzer, who has been working for leading SAP specialists in Aberdeen for almost a decade, placed among the winning top three entrants for his customer service app.

Mr Harzer said: “Fiori is the new face for SAP solutions and with the introduction of SAP S/4 HANA, I enrolled in the course to understand how our customers can apply these new technologies and provide a more intuitive experience to their end-users”.

Björn created a customer service app for a microbrewery which provides customer service departments with a centralised view of customer and financial information for streamlined cross-selling and upselling.

Competition entrants were shortlisted by peer assessment and flagged for final selection by a panel of SAP judges.

Mr Harzer said: “The Fiori interface is a great way to give customer service departments all the information they need to process, place and track orders immediately. It’s a one-stop-shop to mitigate financial risk whilst maximising sales and customer service”.

If you would like to view the award winning app, including a gallery of the top 170 entries, click here.

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