Airpac Rentals has supported the Eden project in Cornwall, England with a brand new, boosted high pressure compressed air spread to support the drilling of a geothermal well.

Included in the new spread were two 2000 scfm 350psi compressors, and a 5000psi booster compressor, managed by a small team of their operators. The new additions to the fleet are part of a fresh investment in a wide range of equipment with more to follow.

The Eden Geothermal Energy Project will harness naturally occurring, sustainable energy from the granite rock underground and will provide heat and electricity for 7000 homes, helping Eden become carbon neutral or more by 2025.

The Eden Project’s distinctive biomes that house thousands of plant species are close by. The larger of the two biomes simulates a rainforest environment and the second holds a Mediterranean environment.

Haydn Davies, Managing Director of Airpac Rentals said “we are incredibly proud to have been involved with this world renowned geothermal project. We already have experience of working in the realm of geothermal energy and look forward to working on even more projects of this nature in the near future.”

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