Anurag Rai MBPsS, Occupational and Leadership Psychologist, and founder of AMHWAL Academy, delivered a compelling session at the University of Dundee's Entrepreneurship Week. Mr Rai, whose expertise in leadership and occupational psychology is widely acknowledged, was among the distinguished speakers invited to speak at the event, which attracted a diverse group of experts from various industries and backgrounds.

The Entrepreneurship Week at University of Dundee is a significant event aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among students and professionals alike. It serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and insights from various sectors, thereby enriching the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Brian McNicoll, Head of Entrepreneurship at the University of Dundee, lauded Mr Rai's contribution, stating, "We have had really positive feedback (for Anurag Rai's session) as always." Mr McNicoll's commendation reflects the high regard in which Mr Rai's sessions are held.

Anurag Rai's involvement in such events is part of a broader trend of increasing demand for his expertise. As a prominent figure in the fields of occupational and leadership psychology, Mr Rai's insights are sought after at various forums. His ability to blend psychological principles with practical leadership challenges makes his sessions invaluable to aspiring entrepreneurs and established leaders alike.

To book Anurag Rai to deliver a training for your organisation or speak at an event, you can reach out to him at

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