Charities working in partnership during the COVID-19 outbreak

Four Aberdeen charities are coming together to 'Feed the City' by extending their services together to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

Anyone in crisis due to the impact of COVID19 or fully unable to provide food for themselves or their families will be able to apply for food, toiletries, baby items and clothing deliveries to tackle hunger, hygiene and fuel poverty.

From today those in crisis and needing support can apply online for a home delivery at or by phone on 0300 303 0903 option 8.

Amongst other services, Aberdeen Cyrenians provides hot meals to those in temporary accommodation or without cooking facilities or struggling with self-care through their Street Alternatives project.

CFINE provides around 100 food parcels daily and runs a number of food pantry projects across the city to tackle poverty and build resilience.

Social Bite is a social enterprise that is committed to ending homelessness in Scotland.

Aberdeen Foyer is a social enterprise tackling youth homelessness across the North-east welcomes collaboration to distribute food to young people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness

Mike Burns, chief executive officer of Aberdeen Cyrenians, said: “These are uncharted waters demanding a partnership response. Working together to take care of those in need is vital to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the most vulnerable people in our City. We are therefore doing all that we can to ensure people’s most basic needs are met and ask that the public support us in this endeavour.

"As the outbreak progresses, there will doubtlessly be many more coming under extreme pressures who may be unable to meet their basic housing and food needs. With this strain on resources and people, working in partnership with ACC provides a collective support through Aberdeen City Council’s 'Feed the City' Strategy.

These services over the next three months will be a vital lifeline for highly vulnerable people in Aberdeen. We’d like to thank the public and the many businesses offering us their support and that have donated to us enabling this service development”.

Dave Simmers, chief executive officer of CFINE, said: “CFINE is pleased to join this partnership to provide food to support people who are homeless, also one of CFINE’s priority groups.”

Jane Bruce chief executive officer of Social Bite, said: “Social Bite are fully behind this initiative and we will do everything we can to support it.”

Leona McDermid, chief executive of Aberdeen Foyer said: "Being able to eat is a basic human right - by working together we will do our best to ensure young people have access to nutritious food during these challenging times."

Anyone needing to access these services can apply online at or by phone on 0300 300 0903 option 8.

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