At the Annual General Meeting in Basel, shareholders of Clariant approved all agenda items and resolutions proposed by the board of directors. The meeting was attended by 459 shareholders and shareholder representatives accounting for 232,891,106 shares or around 70.16 % of the share capital of Clariant.

Hariolf Kottmann, chairman of the board of directors, said: “Over the past years, Clariant has consistently emphasized that its intention to be among the world leaders in the chemical industry in every respect. Along the way, we consistently have to develop Clariant's portfolio into high-quality specialty chemicals. We must continue to focus on the future and significantly increase the company's profitability.”

Ernesto Occhiello, CEO, confirmed that Clariant has been successful in this aspect: “We have achieved our targets and delivered to promise. Clariant will continue on this path while shifting the focus to its customers even more and strives to create the best customer experience. We want to deliver quickly and reliably. We want to make our customers successful, because that way we are successful as well.”

At the Annual General Meeting, the integrated report as well as the financial statements and consolidated financial statements of Clariant for the 2018 fiscal year were approved with 99.94 % of the votes. The 2018 compensation report was also approved on an advisory basis with 94.65 % of the votes. The members of the board of directors and the executive committee were discharged with 98.56 % of the votes. In addition, the Annual General Meeting approved the appropriation of the accumulated profit for 2018 with 99.93 % of the votes, as well as a distribution of the confirmed reserves from capital contributions of CHF 0.55 per share with 99.94 % of the votes.

The proposed amendments to the Articles of Association, which were required in connection with Clariant’s new long-term incentive plan or to ensure that no further amendments to the articles of association will be necessary in the event of future reissues of similar performance-related compensation plans, were approved.

All members of the board of directors were reelected for one year by a large majority, as was the chairman of the board of directors, Hariolf Kottmann.

PricewaterhouseCoopers AG was confirmed as the statutory auditor for 2019.

The proposal for total compensation of the board of directors for the term from the 2019 to the 2020 Annual General Meeting was approved with 88.30 % of the votes, as was the total compensation of the executive committee for the 2020 fiscal year, with 91.89 % of the votes.

The speeches (German only) of Hariolf Kottmann, chairman of the board of directors, CEO Ernesto Occhiello, and guest speaker Christian Gueckel, head of strategy and marketing, business unit catalysts, along with pictures are available here.

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