Potentially Scotland's largest EV charging station could be built on the site where the former Alba Gate building lies.

Housing plans for the grounds were given the green light in 2020 but due to rising construction costs, owner CoCity want to build a hub of EV chargers, light industrial units and two restaurants.

The plans, originally revealed by the Press & Journal, would see the former oil HQ bulldozed.

CoCity claims there is already interest in the commercial premises, but drive-thru restaurant plans may present a stumbling block for the company.

New framework introduced by Holyrood this year means drive-thru plans will only be approved for certain preordained sites.

Pete Craig from CoCity told the P&J: "Typically you see larger charging areas where there are roadside services.

"That’s because people can go and have a coffee, do some work, while their car charges.

"A drive-thru is kind of a prerequisite for charger companies as they need places for people to stop over."

Aberdeen City Council's aim is to have at least 25 fast charges in the city by 2025, this site alone would help the authority reach that goal. In 2020, there were just 13 in the city.

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