The refreshed Aberdeen City Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) 2016-26 has been formally approved by the Board of Community Planning Aberdeen.

Launched in 2016, the Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2016-26 identifies how Community Planning Aberdeen – a multi-agency partnership – will work together to ensure Aberdeen is a place where all people can prosper, regardless of their background or circumstances.

The refreshed LOIP has been structured around three strategic themes of Economy, Place and People (children and young people; adults) and key aspirations which the partnership aims to achieve by 2026.

Councillor Jenny Laing, chair of community planning Aberdeen and co-leader of Aberdeen City Council said: “Our vision is that by 2026 Aberdeen will be a place where all people can prosper.

“The refreshed LOIP reflects a refocus of the partnership on priority issues – Economy; Place; People including children, young people and adults. It reflects our desire to tackle inequalities and help all people, families, businesses and communities to succeed and flourish.

“No single sector or profession can improve outcomes for people and place alone, therefore it is essential we act collaboratively across the Community Planning Partnership and with businesses through their social responsibilities to ensure our key ambitions for the City of Aberdeen and it’s people are achieved.”

Chief superintendent Campbell Thomson, Police Scotland, vice chair of community planning Aberdeen said: “All members of the Community Planning Aberdeen are determined to work together as a whole to enable and empower local people, communities and partnerships to be the makers of their own improved outcomes.

“Each of the Community Planning Partners plan the delivery of their services in a range of ways. As partners we accept these differences in delivery structures but are united in our commitment to working together with local people to achieve improved outcomes.”

To view the refreshed Local Outcome Improvement Plan, please click here.

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