Aberdeen City Council’s Strategic Commissioning Committee today (Thursday 12 November) agreed in principle its commissioning intentions over the next two years to help allocate resources and design the delivery of services.

The agreement in principle takes into account the potential ongoing impact of the CV19 pandemic and the need to be able to make any necessary adjusts as a result.

Commissioning intentions define, annually, the contributions which the Council will make, through commissioned services, to the delivery of the outcomes set in the Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) and supporting strategies They are also informed by annual performance reports on the LOIP, Council Delivery Plan, Locality Plans, Bon Accord Care, Sport Aberdeen and Aberdeen Performing Arts.

The commissioning intentions include ongoing diversification and maximised income generation through culture, events and tourism, construction projects to support new growth sectors, transitional energy projects, development opportunities for investors via the City and Region Deal, support of the harbour expansion and ongoing delivery of new affordable housing.

Also included are the supporting of young people, and adults alike via new employability activity such as No One Left Behind and Kickstart, community learning and development services, expanded out of school care, guaranteed interview schemes, increased participation in accredited course and apprenticeships, delivering on expanded Early Learning and Childcare, improved child protection and an emphasis on using sporting facilities in the city as part of an overall approach to improving health and mental wellbeing among children and young people.

There will also be an emphasis on supporting children and young people, including care experienced young people, and homeless people through a series of targeted interventions to reduce inequalities and improve outcomes.

Co-leader and committee convener, Councillor Jenny Laing, said: “Our commissioning intentions are, as always, driven by our ambition to make Aberdeen a welcoming and prosperous city where everyone can be supported to achieve their potential.

“Through the LOIP stretch targets and our commissioning intentions we and our strategic partners will do everything we can to deliver on our commitments while continuing to be flexible particularly in the face of the ongoing impact of CV19.”

Commissioning Intentions will be kept under review as a result of uncertainty arising from the ongoing pandemic, and will be represented with any necessary amendments to the Council budget meeting in 2021.

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