Aberdeen based diamond wire cutting company Cutting Underwater Technologies (CUT) successfully cut piles offshore Kirkwall recently as part of the decommission of OpenHydro’s tidal energy platform.

CUT utilised their 74” diamond wire cutting machine, electric HPU, umbilical spooler, generator and subsea camera system to cut 42” diameter steel piles, 1” wall thickness, concrete filled.

This was a challenging project due to very poor visibility, high volumes of seaweed, strong tides and high water speeds, however, these obstacles were all overcome.

Slack tide windows were used, although this provided a limited amount of time to complete operations (deploy, complete cut, and retrieve machine).

Bruce Sinclair, Business Development Manager of CUT said: “The track record achieved by CUT is a consequence of many factors.

"For this project, it included the thorough Clash Check performed by our Engineering Team, detailed kick off meeting, comprehensive supply of all equipment required, terrific communications between all parties and the experience and knowledge of our Operators to work through challenges.”

The cuts were completed with an average of 90 minutes each, safely, efficiently, and quicker than expected.

Bruce Sinclair added: "The combination of the CUT machine, unique diamond wire that can cut through ANY material, and knowledge of the entire CUT team ensured a successful outcome.”

CUT are currently working on projects in Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Angola, Singapore, plus many North Sea projects.

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