Scotland's education secretary has admitted she hasn't read a damning report on school violence in Aberdeen.

Last week, the BBC reported that more than a third of teachers in the city had been physically attacked by pupils, and half said they witness violent behaviour from children on a daily basis, according to an local EIS survey.

But while appearing on The Sunday Show, Jenny Gilruth said it's "a matter for the local authority".

Scotland's education chief added: I haven't looked at the specifics of the EIS' report from Aberdeen.

"Scotland has 32 different council areas, so I don’t think it would be wise for me to predicate Scotland’s national approach on one local survey.

"The appropriate response here is a matter for Aberdeen City Council."

Ms Gilruth added that it was important not to "demonise" children.

Her interview was criticised by opposition politicians, including Conservative MP Andrew Bowie, who said: “'Violence in Scottish Schools? It’s everyone else’s fault.’ And then get aggressively defensive and question the interviewer. Enough of this.”

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