Former finance secretary and SNP leadership candidate Kate Forbes has called on her own party to scrap the power-sharing deal with the Scottish Greens.

She told the New Statesman magazine that the SNP should proceed as a minority government due to fears that the Greens want to "overregulate rural communities out of existence".

Ms Forbes was criticised earlier this year during the SNP leadership race as a result of her views on gay marriage, with the Greens saying that her loss in the election was a "relief".

"Their influence should be proportional to the public's support for their policies," said Ms Forbes.

"And, unfortunately, right now, a lot of Green policies do not chime with the public's priorities during a cost of living crisis."

Ms Forbes was offered a place in Humza Yousaf's cabinet after he won the election contest, reportedly the rural affairs and islands portfolio, a step down from her previous role in finance.

She rejected the position, though has admitted that it "would have found it hard to turn it down" had she been offered finance secretary again.

A spokesman for the Scottish Greens said: "Kate Forbes lost the leadership contest for her party which, some months later, continues to be a considerable source of relief for all those who, like the majority of SNP members and ourselves, believe in a progressive, inclusive form of politics working on behalf of everyone in Scotland."

An SNP spokesperson said: "Only a matter of months ago, SNP members voted to elect Humza Yousaf as SNP leader and first minister after he stood on a platform endorsing the Scottish government's co-operation agreement which 95% of party members voted to support. "The Bute House Agreement has already delivered vital steps to tackle climate change, a better deal for tenants, and action to reduce poverty and inequality - such as an increase to the Scottish Child Payment and free bus travel for under-22s."

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