Left-wing politician George Galloway has won the Rochdale by-election in an appropriately chaotic campaign.

Mr Galloway will return to the Commons after winning with a majority of nearly 6,000 votes, equating to just 18.3% of the vote share.

The campaign has been marred in controversy with both Labour and the Greens withdrawing support for their candidates, though too late to remove the party name from the ballot paper.

Labour withdrew support from Azhar Ali after recordings surfaced of alleged antisemitic comments, while Guy Otten, formerly of the Green Party, had his support withdrawn over comments made on social media.

Simon Danczuk previously represented the constituency as a Labour MP but was banned from standing for re-election by the party in 2017 due to inappropriate messages sent to a 17-year-old girl.

Mr Danczuk appeared on the ballot as the candidate for right-wing Reform UK.

Independent candidate David Tully was a surprise runner-up with more than 6,600 votes, ahead of Tory and Lib Dem candidates.

In his victory speech, the new Workers Party of Britain MP said: "Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza. You have paid, and you will pay, a high price for the role that you have played in enabling, encouraging and covering for the catastrophe presently going on in occupied Palestine in the Gaza Strip."

Speaking later, a Labour spokesperson said Mr Galloway "is only interested in stoking fear and division".

They added: "As an MP he will be a damaging force in our communities and public life."

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