A leading Scottish-based law firm has marked the publication of a ground-breaking guide to new energies, and the creation of a collaborative group.

“A Guide to the New Energies” has been published by Stronachs LLP through Aberlour Press Limited to set out an overview of the energy transition to net zero over the next 20 years.

More than 20 members of staff and consultants have worked for over three years towards the creation of the almost 800-page, 20-chapter tome with publication of the second, free to access digital edition imminent and a hardback format to follow in early 2024. The book will help people working or interested in multi-disciplinary renewables and other new energies projects gain a holistic understanding of the sector.

“A Guide to the New Energies” is a not-for-profit volume which is believed to be the only one of its kind in the world and has been produced in Aberdeen. As the firm’s fifth book, it continues Stronachs’ strong publishing heritage through Aberlour Press Limited.

The process has also resulted in the creation of Stronachs’ New Energies Group which harnesses expertise from across all areas of the long-established and well-known business to focus on helping clients navigate future challenges by adopting an interdisciplinary approach.

“A Guide to the New Energies” centres on emerging energies by giving an overview of technologies, background and policy and it aims to spark discussion on key factors including energy security and climate change. The unique publication also explores possible solutions which governments may adopt as part of an integrated approach to New Energies and the climate.

The latest edition includes new chapters on project financing, supply chains and contracts, energy storage and lands one year on from the publication of the first digital edition.

Commenting on the book, co-editor and consultant with Stronachs LLP Ewan Neilson said: “This is a unique publication in that it attempts to bring together, in summary form, some of the most important new energies in Scotland, the United Kingdom and worldwide which are being adopted for the future to achieve the goals set out in the Paris Agreement and subsequent treaties.

“We are all now going on the Energy Transition journey to Net Zero, some at a faster pace than others. The Energy Transition and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is now to be mainstream in almost all countries in the world as governments seek to tackle the climate change.”

He added: “Aberlour Press Limited has produced this book to provide summaries and inform readers who may be interested in climate change and the energy solutions involved in these subjects.”

To find out more about Stronachs LLP and the new book: “A Guide to the New Energies” visit https://aberlourpress-renewables.com

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