Jera, an IT Support and Cybersecurity company, has recently joined the Chamber. Jera was formed from the merger of Clark IT and Onestop IT, both award-winning IT companies based in Aberdeenshire and Edinburgh. The merger signifies a strategic partnership with over 40 years of experience, harnessing the complementary strengths of both companies to provide enhanced IT and cybersecurity services to small to medium-sized enterprises.

“With a customer satisfaction rate of over 98%, we love what we do and so do our clients.” Ally Hollins-Kirk, the director for Onestop and Jera, said “It’s a combination of our team and unique processes that attract clients to us and make them want to stay. We love to build mutual relationships with our clients, to use a phrase from my childhood ‘We’ve got your back’ and our clients know this. However, the truth is our clients also have ‘our back’, and I think that is amazing, a real sign of in it together.”

Ally continues “Our unique Guarantee takes all the risk away from using an outsourced IT partner and puts you in control of how you invest your IT budget. We advise our clients on what is right for them, regardless of the economic outcome to ourselves. For Jera, relationships come first.”

People talk about Cybersecurity, but Jera prefers the term ‘Business Defence’. Jera helps its clients put in the right IT security solutions for them, get cyber insurance, and achieve compliance with various security standards.

To celebrate Jera’s merger and joining the Chamber, they are offering businesses 6 months of free cybersecurity training for everybody in the business. They will conduct a baseline Phishing test so that you can see how your organisation performs today.

To access this offer, email or visit our website for details.

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