Kilted Chef Craig Wilson takes on MasterChef winner

Kilted Chef Craig Wilson will go head-to- head with MasterChef professional winner Gary Maclean in BBC Scotland television programme, Corner Shop Cook Off.

The cooking contest sees the chefs compete to create a three-course meal, on a budget of £15, and all ingredients must be purchased from the local corner shop.

Hosted by Gregory’s Girl actress Clare Grogan, the Kilted Chef visited the village of Law, Lanarkshire in the final episode of the series, which will be aired on Wednesday 25 March 2020 on the BBC Scotland channel at 8pm.

Kilted Chef Craig Wilson said: “I was absolutely delighted to be asked to take part in the show. It was great fun and certainly put me under pressure. Not only was I competing against a top chef like Gary, but creating a three-course meal on a tight budget with limited ingredients meant I had to think creatively.

“The show has really brought back into focus just what can be created with simple ingredients or store cupboard items. I think at this time, we’re all looking at ways we can create delicious, healthy foods on a budget whilst using up items we already have to save on food waste. Hopefully the show will give people some recipe ideas.”

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