Kite launches Remote Expert v2.0 and Early Adopter Programme

KITE, the global provider of remote worker collaboration and assistance solutions, today announced the KITE v2.0 Early Adopter Programme for organisations facing remote worker challenges as a result of COVID-19.

With travel restrictions and social distancing making it difficult to operate as normal, there's never been a greater need than now to assist remote workers. Organisations are looking for alternative ways to overcome these challenges and introduce effective ways to support remote workers.

In response to the recent COVID-19 events the team at KITE have been working round the clock to ship the next release of its remote expert collaboration platform.

“As a result of the team effort and assistance from industry partners we are delighted to announce that KITE v2.0 will be rolled out on 1st May 2020 and will offer a cost effective remote expert solution that can be used on your existing devices”, said Pat McKay, founding director of KITE.

KITE V2.0 can be deployed to your organisation globally in as little as 1 hour and be immediately available to your workers without any software downloads or installations. Key features include:

  • Live video and audio collaboration
  • Real time augmented annotations
  • Video snapshots and recording
  • Remote control of cameras for snapshots, zooming and lighting
  • Collaboration with guests
  • Live streaming and collaboration from fixed monitoring cameras

KITE v2.0 Remote Expert is being offered via our Early Adopter Programme and will provide organisations with preferred rates, support and the opportunity to contribute to the roadmap for future releases.

Organisations can find out more about by visiting:

Register for the v2 Early Adopter program

Register for the v2 Early Adopter program


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