Through the North East Skills Accelerator (NESA) partnership, Robert Gordon University is delivering fully funded online Upskilling short courses for individuals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge across various fields. These courses cater to the evolving needs of businesses and offer a valuable opportunity for both individual growth and organisational development.

Limited fully funded places are available to those living in AB and IV postcodes.

Courses Starting in February 2024:

Geothermal Energy and Applications - Starts 5 February 2024

This course offers a strong geothermal energy foundation, covering science, technology, and business aspects. It equips participants to utilise geothermal energy for decarbonisation, assess market opportunities and fulfil UN SDGs 7 & 11

Wind Energy Systems - Starts 5 February 2024

To develop knowledge of concepts and principles applicable to wind energy extraction, design and operation of offshore wind turbines under different environmental conditions, and an awareness of the role of offshore wind energy in decarbonising global economies.

Introduction to Climate Change Law - Starts 19 February 2024

Study the laws surrounding climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage - Starts 19 February 2024

This course imparts a thorough grasp of CCUS principles, technologies, and applications for curbing GHG emissions. It empowers professionals, researchers and policymakers to engage adeptly in CCUS projects.

RGU Upskilling Short Courses have no study, qualification, or experience requirements. During your application, simply select "Not Applicable" or "No" in the relevant sections for a seamless process.

For more information and to apply, please visit Upskill with our online short courses | RGU

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