Leading company invests in the future with state-of-the-art EnerQuip torque machine Oct 17 2018 | EnerQuip Ltd

A leading oilfield services business has doubled its operational capacity following major investment in a new torque system from EnerQuip, the torque machine specialists.

Both Titan Torque and EnerQuip, which designed and manufactured the new unit for Titan, believe the combination of its scale, capability and power make it the largest machine of its kind in Europe. 

Barry Marshall, business development manager at EnerQuip, said: “This machine highlights the capability of our skilled engineers and the reliability of our equipment. We’ve established a long-standing relationship with Titan Torque and this delivery is the culmination of our dedication to supporting their torque machine fleet over a number of years. We’re proud to be working with them on their operations as market demand grows.”

Formed in 2015, EnerQuip is already recognised globally as the torque machine solution specialist with more than £5.6m ($7.5m) of contracts awarded in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific in 2018.

The new Titan unit handles standard API connections found on drilling tools such as stabilisers, drill collars, rotary steerables, drills bits and premium threads commonly found on casing and completion equipment. The unit, formally called FR 24:120, is fully rotational. It has a 10-metre bed, is capable of 120,000 ft/lbs (foot-pounds) of torque and can handle 24-inch diameter tubulars – features which, together, are believed to make it the largest and most technically advanced unit of its kind in Europe.


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