The Licensing Board has agreed a reduction in fees for a second year to help the hospitality trade in Aberdeen.

Licensed premises are required to pay an annual fee on October 1 each year. The fee payable was reduced by one third last year for on-sales premises and the same discount was agreed yesterday at a meeting of the Licensing Board in respect of the fees payable on October 1, 2021. Reminders will be issued to all premises at the end of August.

Aberdeen City Council Licensing Board convener councillor Marie Boulton said: “The Licensing Board is pleased to retain a reduction to the annual fee for on-sales licensed premises for a second year.

“We recognise that the hospitality trade has been badly hit by the covid pandemic and are only now beginning to get back on their feet and feel that this reduction in the annual fee will go some way to help them balance their costs and income."

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