Mal Fletcher returns to Aberdeen

Social Futurist Mal Fletcher is returning to Aberdeen to encourage Granite City leaders to capitalise on opportunities being presented by the age of innovation.

The gathering will see Mal unpack how Aberdeen, with its long and proud history of innovation and adaptation, can stand at the very forefront of change.

Mal will provide insight into the philosophy and skills needed to build proactive cultures of confidence, in which people have the courage to be inventive.

“In any sector of society – whether it’s business, education, media, science or politics – leadership is all about facilitating proactive cultures,” says Mal.

"Our extensive 2020Plus research has shown that leaders who inspire innovation articulate a vision of the preferred future, for the enterprise and the city. They map out pragmatic strategies. They marshal activity, bringing together people with very particular skillsets.”

“In short, they shape cultures in which people flourish and projects fly.”

Mal previously visited Aberdeen in April 2018 to encourage leaders on how to thrive in the Smart Age.

The March event will also feature an extended interview with two local leaders who are already investing heavily in the development of cultures of innovation across Aberdeen; co-leader of Aberdeen City Council, Councillor Jenny Laing, and chief executive of Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber Of Commerce, Russell Borthwick.

Jenny Laing commented: “As a city we are in the midst of an unprecedented period of positive change, both in terms of the built environment and our cultural offering as we work hard to build on Aberdeen’s role as a destination. Aberdeen City Council is a driving force in that change and to ensure we continue to meet the needs of all those we serve we are transforming as an organisation.

“The Council is embracing the opportunities that digital technology presents to modernise public service and is committed to working in partnership to bring social benefits. It is a challenging period, with rising demand coupled with worsening funding constraints, and continued innovation will be essential in delivering our ambitions for the city and region. I look forward to sharing our experiences and hearing the views of everyone taking part in the event.”

The interviews will be followed by an interactive Q&A and forum, as well as unique, cross-sector networking sessions.

This 2020Plus Civic and Business Leaders event is part of an international project, bringing together senior leaders across all sectors of society to shape the future for the common good.

It will be co-hosted by the King’s Community Foundation; an Aberdeen-based charity focused on improving people’s lives by helping them to fulfil their potential.

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Mal Fletcher

Mal Fletcher

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