Winning 17 trophies at Sansum Martial Arts’ Spring Tournament last Sunday, Sansum Black Belt Aberdeen had almost 30 of their students compete with fellow fighters from Elgin and Lossiemouth. The Aberdeen club’s youngest fighter; a 4-year-old ‘Little Dragon’, obtained the third place trophy in his category, with their other fighters (across all ages and categories) winning a combination of bronze, silver and gold trophies. This was great for morale, confidence, teamwork and focus, and they showed tremendous form, technique, and control.

They continued their high by announcing to parents, students and through their social media pages; that their club’s new name will now be MindSparx Black Belt Academy; becoming part of the MindSparx banner at their dojo located on Commerce Street, Aberdeen.

For instructors Colin and Tracey, this has been a long-awaited transition since launching their karate school back in 2019, with their intention of eventually having their own entity. Despite the change of name, MindSparx Black Belt Academy are still committed to provide high quality classes to their students as well as improve the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone who trains with them.

For more information on MindSparx Black Belt Academy please visit or contact Tracey Cass on 07720748989 or email

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