MISS (Miscarriage Information Support Service) had another first-time success last week with a full-day online fertility webinar in collaboration with Nourishing Insights.

The event, with eight local and national expert speakers from different disciplines, was highly relevant to MISS audiences. Many women and couples affected by miscarriage also have experiences of fertility issues, with access to specialist support and advice often difficult and/or costly.

The free-of-charge event, ‘Fertility – A Truly Holistic Approach’, aimed to provide a rounded view of reproductive health. The speakers included conventional medical practitioners such as a consultant embryologist and a consultant urologist but also practitioners in areas such as nutritional therapy, psychotherapy, reflexology and acupuncture. All speakers shared evidence-based solutions and best practice from their fields.

Bev Sarsted from Nourishing Insights, an Aberdeen-based business, said: "Yesterday’s event was the culmination of months of hard work and I couldn’t be more delighted with the outcome. We were blessed with outstanding speakers who shared their expert knowledge with great passion and enthusiasm and took time out of busy schedules to support us.

"My mission was to raise awareness about the wide range of services available to people on their fertility journey and to demonstrate the crossover between conventional and holistic therapies each of which have a strong evidence base and work together to optimise health outcomes in reproductive medicine."

One of the attendees commented on the day: "The live event was a great chance to connect with experts in their field and ask questions. Each speaker brought a great amount of knowledge to the table and it was such a fantastic learning opportunity. I especially liked that this event had a holistic focus regarding fertility, pregnancy and miscarriage.

"So many couples complete all available NHS testing and are left with unexplained infertility and don't really know where to go from there. This event highlighted there are other options to consider."

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