ModuSpec has recently been awarded a series of new contracts for various clients in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, worth over £1million.

In Egypt, work covering seven rigs has commenced for two existing clients, providing continuous rig assurance and verification services for operational units both on and offshore. One project is for shared jack-up rig intake where two operators are utilising ModuSpec to provide a collaborative approach, sharing resources and delivering a focussed and engaged service. Elsewhere, ModuSpec has also been selected by a local joint-venture partnership to deliver rig inspection and acceptance services for a land rig being reactivated.

In the Middle East, ModuSpec has been supporting an international oil company with the reactivation of a land rig that was mobilised from Continental Europe to the UAE. The rig had previously been cold stacked for several years and has been contracted for a high-profile exploration well with significant risk of H2S gas during the drilling programme.

ModuSpec has also been awarded a contract with a well management company to support the rig inspection of a jack-up rig that has been mobilised from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf.

ModuSpec Business Development Manager Liam Pirie commented: “The diverse range of recent award wins in the MENA region is testament to ModuSpec understanding the unique requirements of every single one of our clients and providing a bespoke service accordingly. From simpler verification scopes to more extensive and complex rig reactivation projects, ModuSpec ensures that the same rigour and quality service is always applied.

“Building upon the quality relationships we have in place with our local partners, we look forward to delivering more work in the region to capitalise in the surge in demand we have seen in recent months.”

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