A new 3G football pitch is to be the latest addition to the Garioch Sports Centre's sports and recreational provision.

The full-sized pitch will be built alongside the current 3G facility which has seen expanding waiting lists and will help ease some of the pressure on local and shire wide clubs. The Centre’s Project Development Team worked alongside Inverurie Loco Works Football Club accessing football specific funding from the Scottish Football Association Grassroots Pitch and Facilities Fund and the Scottish Football Partnership Trust.

The project is also supported by Aberdeenshire Council through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Developer Obligations, the project is expected to be completed by the end of August 2024.

The new pitch will be welcomed by many of the current users of all ages who at present still have to travel out with the Garioch catchment to source additional adequate training and match facilities because of the current local lack of access and timing issues which since the expansion of the girls and ladies game has led to under provision.

As the town continues to grow the new community football facility will go some way to servicing the increased footballing demands in the immediate and surrounding areas.

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