NHS Grampian today announced a groundbreaking collaboration with a local film company Northport Studio, aimed at creating short films to facilitate the recruitment of more than 20 new staff for Dr Gray’s Hospital.

These films will play a crucial role in supporting the implementation of the new enhanced consultant led maternity service in Moray.

Alasdair Pattinson, Hospital General Manager, said, "This collaboration marks a significant step in our efforts to expand our healthcare team at Dr Gray’s Hospital.

“This will allow us to connect with potential candidates in a unique and engaging way, showcasing the opportunities and advancements within our hospital ensuring a bright and vibrant future for the hospital and services for the population of Moray”.

“The promotional films put the Moray area at their very heart. Moray is an undiscovered gem and making people aware of the magnificent quality of life we can offer here is our best chance of attracting the people we need to work in our health and social care system.”

The release of these videos precedes a full recruitment campaign set to launch later this week. Further details about the campaign will be revealed in the coming week.

Mr Pattinson also said he was grateful to local campaign group, Keep Mum, for facilitating the connection with the Elgin based film company Northport Studio.

“It’s been a great chance to collaborate with some great people who are hugely talented and internationally recognised in their field. I’m delighted they’ve put those skills to use to help us attract people to come and work in Moray. It’s also fantastic how they made our local NHS staff the stars of the film and it’s already generated a lot of excitement.”

He added: “As we anticipate the official campaign launch this week, NHS Grampian remains committed to enhancing the healthcare services at Dr Gray’s Hospital and welcoming new members to our team. Our ultimate goal is to provide full consultant-led maternity services at the hospital in 2026 and I hope the level of investment in these promotional films and the recruitment campaign demonstrate how committed we are to that.”

Watch the films now:

Make a life, not just a living at Dr Gray’s: https://youtu.be/g7WPGvguYYw

National TV Advert for Moray & Dr Gray’s: https://youtu.be/mv55QnIl9CA

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