Over 100 children in need in Aberdeen City and Shire to receive winter coats

Warm winter clothes will be given to 130 disadvantaged children in the North-east of Scotland, thanks to a £6,500 donation from Aberdeen Standard Investments Charitable Foundation. The donation has been made to the 2018 Coats for Kids campaign - run by North-ast charity Cash for Kids. The project will provide each of these children with £50 clothing vouchers.

The 2018 campaign received a staggering 1260 applications for warm clothing for children in need in the North-east region – an increase of more than 40% compared to the 880 applications received last year.

The appeal is oversubscribed every year, which is a testament to the real need for the charity’s support across Aberdeenshire. The generous donation from the global asset manager will help the charity to meet what is a growing demand.

Cash for Kids Charity, manager Michelle Ferguson, says, “The charity receives an overwhelming number of applications every year, but this year has seen our largest number of applications to date, with over 1,267 applications for coats received and more coming in.

“There’s no denying we’re facing an annual increase. Year after year we have more and more families asking for our support. Most of the children from these families have never had new clothes before. We believe every child deserves new warm clothing, not just for Christmas or the New Year but for all the winter days throughout the year.

“The financial support we receive from the Aberdeen Standard Investments Charitable Foundation is a major boost to the charity’s appeal and we are very grateful for their support. With the foundation’s help, 130 children from Aberdeenshire will be protected from the cold harsh winter days this year.”

Claire Drummond, head of charitable giving for the Aberdeen Charitable Foundation, says, “The need, across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire for basic necessities, such as warm clothes, is real – not all parents can provide this for their children. The Coats for Kids campaign ensures children in need are given warm clothing, not because it is a comfort or luxury, but because it is a vital need many families, which for reasons outwith their control, cannot provide. The Aberdeen Standard Investments Charitable Foundation is proud to continue to contribute in 2018 to the charity’s commitment to our community.”

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