Come along to a fantastic cyber security event 'Public and Third Sector Cyber Roadshow' based in Aberdeen on behalf of their partners, National Cyber and Fraud Centre.

During the event they will present their very popular and topical 'Exercise in a Box' which will be extremely insightful to many organisations within Aberdeen city.

TechForce Cyber's main focus in 2024/25 is to help combat cyber security risks within these sectors as they have done so with great success thus far. They believe that raising awareness around cyber security risks can prevent most of your typical cyber threats and it is their mission to do exactly that within the Aberdeen area as a local provider.

Charitable organisations are viewed as a heavily targeted and unfortified sector as we are witnessing more cyber hacks, threats, and near misses as we move forward towards the end of the year. Raising awareness around how some of these threats are formulated/executed and providing education around what steps could be taken should such an event occur.

It is completely free to attend and the TechForce team will look forward to welcoming attendees at 9:30am on the Thursday, June 13 at ONE Tech Hub, Aberdeen.

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