People are to be given an opportunity to comment on the major refurbishment to Broad Street as part of a consultation before a committee report.

An online survey to garner the public’s views is starting from Monday, March 18 2019, and is in addition to feedback from statutory consultees such as emergency services and bus companies, and feedback from the Disability Equity Partnership.

The survey results and statutory consultee comments will be put forward as part of a report to committee on how the new street and layout has operated since they opened.

The £3.2m City Centre Masterplan project was aimed at transforming and revitalising the street by making it a pedestrian-orientated space, improving the streetscape, and turning it into an area capable of staging events throughout the year. The road re-opened to the only permitted traffic – local timetabled buses and cyclists – last Autumn.

Aberdeen City Council City Centre Masterplan spokeswoman Councillor Marie Boulton said: “We’d encourage everyone to take part in the survey so we can gather as many views as possible.”

The fountain is being switched back very soon now the weather is getting warmer in the Spring.

The design for Broad Street includes the illuminated fountain, trees and benches, improved lighting, and a raised grass area offering flexible event space in front of Marischal College, and it also includes a paved roundel - a mini-roundabout – where Upperkirkgate and Gallowgate meet. The cost of the work was covered by the City Council’s City Centre Masterplan budget, Marischal Square developer Muse, and Sustrans Scotland.

The design as part of the multi-million-pound 25-year City Centre Masterplan which had overwhelming feedback from the public was to have more pedestrian-friendly areas in the city, and more green travel which Broad Street is helping deliver.

Familiarisation work for the new road layout was carried out before the road opened with Disability Equity Partnership, and their observations will be carefully examined and considered as part of the planned monitoring review of the project following its opening. The design and build of the project followed best practice and government guidelines at the time.

The online survey is available here.

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