Reopening six libraries and a pool that were closed by Aberdeen City Council earlier this year could cost more than £1million, according to a report.

The cost-cutting move was made by the local authority in March but led to legal action being launched by campaigners.

A judicial review led to the council launching a consultation into the closures, with a decision set to be made by councillors next week on whether to reopen.

That could cost up to £1million for Bucksburn pool and £128,000 for the six libraries, according to a council report detailed by the BBC this morning.

Libraries in Woodside, Ferryhill, Cults, Cornhill, Kaimhill and Northfield were closed.

The annual running cost for all the facilities would be about £500,000 a year.

Councillors will decide on Wednesday whether to stick with the original cost cutting move, or begin the process of bringing the facilities back into service.

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