May Day is without a doubt the biggest day in Aberdeen for hospitality and being a new venue, Resident X has come up with the ultimate experience for the public to enjoy. This year May Day lands on Sunday, April 30 and the company are teaming up with Mackie’s Ice Cream and All Bar One to host a big courtyard party, including six bars, six street food kitchens and eight DJs. The staff are excited to do something Aberdeen has never seen before and is in a prime location.

Having only been open since December, their social media following has been widely recognised and review ratings are high between 4.5 and 5. With a great amount of space to host large bookings and events and the extra courtyard space, Resident X cannot wait to welcome everyone on this day. The venue aims to host an event in the courtyard at least once a month and already has a few events lined up which they cannot wait to get the ball rolling with, and May Day will be the very first!

Resident X are doing what most bar venues do not on this day and will continue to offer their four street food vendors; Acropolis, Pluck, Baby Jewel and DAM Burger. With the six bars, customers will not have to wait around to grab a drink as usually expected on May Day, therefore providing top-level service and going beyond expectations people may have.

Resident X are excited to welcome everyone to the venue as it appears from research taken from the sales and events manager that a lot of corporate companies and those above the age of 35 consider May Day to be for young persons only. They state this could not be further from the truth as the venue are very inclusive and cater for everybody. So, if those within the AGCC membership are off on the Monday, why not head down and check out what Resident X have in store for Aberdeen.

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