Restrata launches new academy for employees Feb 26 2018 | Restrata

Restrata, a global leader in security, safety and emergency response solutions, has launched a new training academy targeting employees and associates across the organisation.

The initiative dubbed “The Restrata Academy” aims to encourage the sharing of information between service lines and departments. Managing director, Botan Osman, said “In an era that encourages innovation and forward thinking, we look to nurture this type of activity within our organisation. Sometimes, it’s the gap between disciplines that has the most potential, therefore cross-fertilising ideas across teams is creating great ideas for us to take forward to better serve our one obsession, our clients resilience”

“The Academy is another step towards encouraging a continuous growth and learning culture in Restrata through knowledge sharing, as Satay Nadella said, ‘Be a Learn-it-all not a Know-it-all!’”

Expertise is sought from within the company, with team members selected to present for 45 minutes on their chosen topic, followed by a Q&A session. Evan Kerr, a senior security consultant at the firm recently spoke on Security Master Planning & Design Services, and explained “The session allowed me to not only provide a deeper understanding of our services to the wider organisation, but also share our success stories and who we are currently working with on live projects globally. It’s also valuable to share insights into why security master planning and design is so important in the world today.

“Many of our global clients are designing commercial property, malls, hotels, stadiums and other leisure attractions which are likely to attract crowds – it is paramount that the safety and security of these guests and visitors, as well as the operational staff, is considered from the outset, before a single brick is laid.”

The company offers a range of technology in the tracking and monitoring arena, and tailor bespoke solutions for individual clients to meet their unique requirements. Mr Osman added, “a key aim of the Academy sessions is to innovate between departments to combine technologies in order to create previously unseen in the market solutions. We are currently working on new technology and tools, concepts borne out of considering the links between multiple areas of the business. This is why we entered 2018 with a ONE Restrata mantra internally, with a drive to integrate all our offerings as ONE seamless experience.

“With offices and projects around the globe, this is a great way to share knowledge obtained in different countries and regions. For example, our Global Command Centre in Aberdeen is built on the foundations of some of the world’s most advanced rules and regulations for emergency response and crisis management. It’s great that the team have an opportunity to share best practice with employees in the Middle East.”

Restrata, a British owned company, with a Global Control Centre in Aberdeen and additional offices in London and throughout the MENA region, provides a range of services in addition to tracking technologies and emergency response, including threat and risk assessments, security consulting and design, project implementation and a range of training.

Botan Osman, managing director, Restrata

Botan Osman, managing director, Restrata

Evan Kerr, a senior security consultant, Restrata

Evan Kerr, a senior security consultant, Restrata

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