A Robert Gordon University (RGU) student has received a recognition award while on placement with an oil and gas exploration and production company.

Sylwia Jewiak, a third year Management with Marketing student at RGU’s Aberdeen business School, is currently on placement at Talisman Sinopec Energy UK Limited as a Planning Business Analyst and she has been awarded with a Recognition Award.

Sylwia, who has been on placement since June last year, said: “My key responsibilities as a placement student have been preparation of the weekly production report issued to shareholders, providing a variance analysis for production and costs, assisting in the regular Reforecast cycles and Business Plan cycles, completion of the annual Oil & Gas UK Activity Survey and supporting the Planning team members in completion of their tasks.”

Sylwia’s placement ends in August and as a result of the new skills and knowledge she has gained during the last year, she has switched her course to Management for her fourth year as it is more relevant to her future plans.

“I decided to change my course to Management as I feel this will be more relevant to my future plans, as during my placement, I realised that planning is the way to go”, said Sylwia.

She continued: “As my knowledge and skills developed, I was getting more challenging tasks. During an extremely busy period in the department at the end of 2014, I was given some of the tasks of the Plan Coordinator position – it enabled me to develop my skills even further and I really appreciate the level of trust I was given.

“I took a very active role in preparing the Business Plan and received a recognition award for completing my tasks to a high standard, which gave me the feeling that my work was valued and it has motivated me to further expand my skills.”

Sylwia said receiving this award was a huge surprise and she was very pleased and proud of herself.

She said: “My main driver was to help the team and I treated it as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn something new. I was very pleased and proud of myself – it really did build up my confidence.

“I would like to thank TSE UK for the award I received, I really appreciate it. I have been enjoying my placement within Talisman and it has been a great year.”

In the future, Sylwia would like to return to RGU to undertake a postgraduate degree and she hopes to pursue a career within the Oil and Gas industry.

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