Taking place on April 17, 2023 at The Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow, The Scotland 5G Centre is holding an event, Transforming Your Business With 5G. The event will bring together key leaders in the 5G space to give Scottish businesses the opportunity to learn about the transformational benefits that 5G technology is bringing to multiple industry sectors.

Over a hundred organisations are expected to attend the event next month, where they will get the opportunity to engage with the Scottish Government funded Centre and hear from industry leaders including Vodafone, The Data Lab, BE-ST and CENSIS.

Attendees will hear about the Scotland 5G Centre’s free range of support services and how they can access the state-of-the-art 5G testbeds that are in rural and urban areas across the country within the Centre’s innovation hubs.

Ian Sharp, Head of Strategy & Delivery, the Scotland 5G Centre said:

“The event is designed to inspire organisations throughout Scotland and learn first-hand about the enormous impact that 5G technology is having on everyday business operations including increasing efficiency, reducing costs, improving and future-proofing systems, operations, and products. For Scottish businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage and overcome difficult economic challenges, 5G technology provides an exciting pathway to success.”

The event has limited capacity, and is free to register on Eventbrite

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