Simplicity and scalability are proving to be the key growth catalysts for an innovative web-based technology system for the management of corrosion.

For the past six years, Belfast headquartered Surface Corrosion Consultants Ltd.’s innovative app Surface Asset Management™ (SAM™️) has established a firm track record of positive disruption in how coating condition surveys and painting campaigns are recorded and managed, with uptake so far proving the importance of innovating and pushing to remain at the forefront of technological advances.

The potential growth for SAM™️ was further underlined recently when Surface Corrosion Consultants Ltd was appointed by gas and oil exploration and production company Shell NAM to provide a ten-year package through the innovative suite of software. The technology will be deployed in onshore and offshore gas production facilities in the UK and Dutch sectors of the Southern North Sea with the move playing a significant role in illustrating the scalability of SAM™️.

An easy-to-use, digital inspection application that streamlines all aspects of NDT management and coating inspection, SAM™️ is user friendly and highly intuitive. The program can successfully manage new build projects and provide full cradle to grave traceability with application across a broad spectrum of industries including energy, nuclear, subsea, renewables, marine, transport, infrastructure and more.

Designed by corrosion specialists for corrosion specialists, SAM™️ is a fresh and unique approach to corrosion prevention which minimises task duplication and maximises the benefits of a single point of access to monitor corrosion and manage the execution of coating systems, passive fire protection and insulation instalment.

Concise, easy to understand survey data which is simple to manage and monitor, combined with instantaneous reporting, underline the ethos of simplicity which is essential in the ongoing drive for efficiency across a range of tasks such as conditional surveys; campaign and scope management; survey and inspection reviews; analysis and reporting and critical repair management.

Using the cornerstones of protect, inspect, record and control insightful, intelligent overviews of data collected during surveys allows detailed pictures to be constructed of the critical path ahead with built-in flexibility for user companies to set their own critical repair threshold for the surveyed items.

The in-house team of specialists at Surface Corrosion offer clients a comprehensive training package as well as providing technical support and updates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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