NHS Grampian staff have walked 600 million steps as part of a step challenge that saw over 10% of employees taking part.

Over 1800 NHS Grampian staff challenged themselves to walk extra steps across four weeks in a bid to boost their wellbeing and physical activity levels. The bespoke challenge, organised in partnership with Paths for All, also saw more staff ditching their cars to walk to work instead. This is the fourth year the Health Board has run this initiative, which is coordinated by Public Health and the Sustrans Workplace Engagement Project Officer. Data from the current challenge shows with 45% reporting that they would be more likely to walk, wheel or cycle for journey of less than 5 miles in future, and many staff reporting improvements in their mood and feelings of improved mental wellbeing during the challenge. Studies from previous years have shown sustained benefits to staff wellbeing months after the challenge had finished.

Susan Webb, Director of Public Health with NHS Grampian said, “Our annual Step Challenge has gone from strength to strength since it started, but this year's participation has been fantastic. It’s also really encouraging to see the benefits to health and wellbeing in our staff, around mental health and physical health. As well as these important benefits to our staff’s health, encouraging active travel also helps to meet our aspirations around the climate emergency and sustainability”.

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