Aberdeenshire-based green energy company i-Protech is encouraging homeowners to take advantage of the Government’s decision to exempt all storage battery systems from VAT, including the Tesla Powerwall.

A certified installer of the Powerwall since last April, the Kintore company has since installed dozens of Tesla wall connectors, which were developed specifically for residential properties. The exemption started on 1 February.

The team at i-Protech underwent a strenuous vetting process to demonstrate evidence of product knowledge and high levels of customer care before being granted installer status.

Chay Esson, Lead Renewables Co-ordinator at i-Protech, explained the appeal of the Powerwall.

“The Tesla Powerwall has been very popular with our customers who are looking for a battery that provides back-up protection by storing energy, detecting power outages, and automatically becoming the home’s energy source if the grid goes down,” he said.

Chay Esson, Lead Renewables Co-ordinator at i-Protech

Chay Esson, Lead Renewables Co-ordinator at i-Protech

“It’s very compact and easily installed, needs no maintenance, and has a completely automated system which means it can be fitted into any home. The Tesla App also allows you to monitor energy production and consumption in real time, letting you optimise the system and save money.”

The Powerwall is charged using the electricity generated from solar PV panels, allowing it to power everything in the home from appliances to electric vehicles. Any excess energy is stored for use during the night or for 24/7 backup protection during an outage.

it can also be charged from the grid if the customer sets up a tariff with a cheaper night rate or a fluctuating rate where the battery will charge, and discharge, dynamically based on the cost of electricity for those duller and shorter days. Some energy providers now offer a tariff made to specifically work with the Tesla equipment.

Chay concluded: “This is great news for homeowners in the North-east who are looking to generate their own clean energy, reduce their reliance on the Grid and maximise energy savings.”

For more information and to get a quote to have a Tesla Powerwall installed, contact the i-Protech team today.

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