The Chester Hotel unveils winning dolphin design

The Chester Hotel’s dolphin, Romeo, has been repainted for the summer with 10-year-old Olivia Tait’s design, winner of their ‘Design a Dolphin’ competition.

The ‘Design a Dolphin’ competition was created to encourage artistic children under 12 to enter their designs for the summer dolphin. The winning design was a bright, floral dolphin, created by talented 10-year-old, Olivia Tait. The design was then painted on the dolphin by Nora Bandyopadhyay, The Chester Hotel’s assistant restaurant manager, who previously decorated the Christmas and Valentine’s dolphin.

Graham Wood, owner of The Chester Hotel says: “Our guests love both our original ARCHIE dolphin, and our Romeo dolphin which we repaint throughout the year. We always get great feedback on Romeo’s different designs. So, we thought for the summer we would involve our guests and ask talented school children to create a design that they would like to see on him.

“Olivia’s design really stood out for us as we felt she captured the essence of summer with her bright colours and images. Romeo is now taking pride of place outside the hotel, while ARCHIE comes inside for a break during the summer.”

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